Automatic source changeover systems are used in facilities where the continuity of power supply should be ensured. In case of power supply interruptions, these systems automatically switch the power supply between the primary and the backup source. They do it by controlling the actuators (circuit breakers or disconnectors).

Automa has extensive experience in the performance of automatic source changeover systems. Starting from simple systems such as network-network, network-generator, to more complex switching power supply between more than two power sources and controlling a few / a dozen actuators.

The functionality of our systems includes:

  • automatic switching of power supply between primary and backup power source
  • controlling the voltage of the supply lines with the use of voltage control relays
  • electrical and software interlocks preventing the sources from being connected to parallel operation
  • automatic display of the generator start signal (only systems in which one of the sources is an aggregate)
  • PLC controller with operator panel provide:

– apparatus control according to the layout logic table

– signaling of correct supply voltages, states and errors of switches

– selection of automatic / manual operating mode

– signaling of alarms occurring in the system (alarms are archived)

– possibility to set delay after the failure and recovery of the main voltage

– the ability to communicate with the controller using the MODBUS protocol (RTU RS-485 and ETHERNET TCP / IP)

  • safety shutdown that causes immediate opening of the apparatus located directly behind the power sources
  • optional connection of a UPS
  • lights and buttons to be mounted on the switchgear door signaling the presence of supply voltages, state of circuit breakers, alarm, operating mode and enabling manual switching of devices

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