The main task of building automation is remote management and optimization of installations in buildings. Advanced, automated technological solutions are used for these purposes. Such systems are responsible for controlling, monitoring and managing various devices.

Today’s building automation systems are characterized by high versatility. They can be used, among others, in offices, warehouses, public facilities (shopping centers, hotels, schools, etc.), private homes and apartments.

In large building systems (offices, public utility buildings), the automation supervises complex systems of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting, alarm, access control, etc. Devices used in industrial automation, such as HMI panels, controllers, regulators, are often used here.

In apartments or single-family houses, the main emphasis is on easy operation and user comfort of the system. Typically, the home automation system is operated by applications for a phone / tablet on which you can easily manage blinds, lighting, heating, air conditioning, alarms, etc.

The visualizations created by us allow you to view the status of devices, alarms, read information from sensors, change the desired values, etc.

Automa manufactures building automation systems tailored to specific requirements, both in accordance with the provided documentation and according to self-made diagrams after technical arrangements.